Onkyo ISCP commands and protocol sheets

Looking for a possibility to control my television via HDMI CEC with my Onkyo receiver i found the Excel sheet below.

This is the latest version 1.24 of June 8th 2012 and contains all Onkyo ISCP commands and explanation of the ISCP protocol.

ISCP stands for Integra Serial Communication Protocol. It allows you to control all connected devices, such bluray players, dvd players, iPhones, iPods etc., by an interface on port 60128 of your receiver.

ISCP AV Receiver v124.xls

Quickly see which folders are taking up much space in Linux

Go to the folder of which you want the subfolder’s sizes (or just cd / for your whole system) and simply use the following command:

du -c --max-depth=2 | sort -nr | head -n 25

This will give you a list of the top 25 biggest subfolders in the folder you are in.

Rename Windows Networked IPP-printers

Are you also annoyed by the ridiculous networked printer names in Windows?

Names like MY_PRINTER on ?

Networked printer names in Windows.

Networked printer names in Windows.

Now you can do something about it!

Just rename them using this fine tool called prnRename.
Download it here: